Inspirationsföreläsningar av Oskar Andermo

Energizing Keynote Presentations:

About Oskar’s keynotes

Oskar Andermo has been speaking professionally since 2010 to 1000s of people. He has three outcomes: inspire, educate and leave the audience with some practical tools that can be used immediately. With these three outcomes combined, your audience will not only get a motivational push for that day, but actual change and perspective that will give an impact for years to come.

Motivating and thought-provoking are some of the things that previous attendees have described Oskars speaking style. The topics are tailor-made for each client and each audience. Oskar speaks about technology and its impact on people, cross-culture communication, leadership and happiness at work in the 21st century.

From mindlessness to mindfulness – technology and its impact

45-minutes | 90-minutes

Oskar gives an overview of new technologies and how it effects us. We glimpse at the future to see what is coming. Finally you get an survival guide to the 21st century – the Strategic Tech Coaching toolbox helps you thrive as a leader today.

Perfect for multi-audience conferences or corporate events of all sizes.

Innovate and celebrate

45-minutes | 90-minutes

In 2007 Nokia had one billion customer worldwide… that same year Apple released the iPhone… In times of rapid change we need to constantly innovate. Oskar shares stories and practical tools that can be used to become more creative. Learn how innovate so you can celebrate.

Perfect for multi-audience conferences or corporate events of all sizes.

Hospitality – current trends, future possibilities

45-minutes | 90-minutes

Need a room? Airbnb now has 4 million listings worldwide – that’s more than the top five hotel brands combined. New innovations and technologies will continue to disrupt the hospitality industry. Learn about the latest trend and take a sneak peak into future possibilities.

Perfect for multi-audience conferences or corporate events of all sizes that work in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Cross-culture communication, a skill for the 21st century

60-minutes | longer leadership programs

Organizations are becoming more and more global. When different cultures work together there are many challenges. Oskar shares how to deal with this in the best possible way. He combines research with his own experience of living all over the world and interacting with more than 150 different nationalities.

Perfect for multi-audience conferences or for delegates working in international environments.

Happiness at work!

60-minutes | longer leadership or team-programs

Research show that happy employees are more productive, innovative and stay longer. This should be a top strategic priority for any organization. Oskar shares the framework his mother developed in the 80s and 90s that was successfully implemented throughout a range of organizations in Sweden. You will also get an update on the latest positive psychology research including mental training how to reach Your goals in work, sport or in life.. Also, how does new technologies affect happiness at work?

Perfect for multi-audience conferences or corporate events of all sizes. Or for a team that will reach their common goal.


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